Measuring the Success of New Product Development Mainstreaming

Originators of successful new products and services often measure their success in terms of financial and marketing success. However, a major outcome of successful new product development is the mainstreaming of a product or service. Mainstreaming means that the product or service becomes an accepted part of a system to the point that it is no longer a new product. It is essentially assimilated into the sponsor or customer's way of doing business and meeting expectations, needs, and requirements. This is often seen as a negative outcome based on the view that when a sponsoring agent or client integrates a new product, system, or problem solving approach into their culture and their way of doing business, it is a sign of failure.

We would argue that a good measurement of new product success is in fact the extent to which a product or service is actually assimilated, the process of embedding the product into a business or consumer activity so that it is no longer seen as a new product. It becomes part of the base. While the originator may see this as loss of revenue and market share, the challenge is to build on that new product with follow-on ideas and concepts that build on the relationship already built on the success of the first product.

This is the continuous improvement concept that drives the search for new concepts and products, and which holds the key to letting go of new products in order to create new ones.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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