Market Scheduling

Table 5-15 shows the schedule for a typical market launch program with linked tasks, resource assignments, and duration estimates.

Each of these tasks represents time and costs factors in controlling product launch. Note that the schedule includes 22 days for load and unload. This estimate may have come from logistics staff based on anticipated risks in locating load and unload locations and possible accidents and risk event factors. The "safety" factor here might be 50 percent, that is if the logistics staff had been asked to estimate duration on the basis of 50 percent probability, e.g., what is the most optimistic estimate that you might make with 50 percent probability. The answer might have been 20 days. Savings in time here would be 12 days if the optimistic estimate is achieved. It is this kind of ratcheting down of estimates that occurs here because each participant in the process will protect themselves with padded estimates based on anticipated risk. This is also why a risk matrix is a valuable component in market launch.

TABLE 5-15 Market Launch Program
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