Market Launch Plan

A final market launch plan is prepared that finalizes the locational, channel and distribution, logistics, and pricing strategies. Reviews are made of sales force requirements, training, promotion, incentives, and roll out. The following issues are reviewed to ensure market success.

1. Have marketing goals been determined for the product? Have all marketing, advertising, geographic, channel, distribution, logistics, and pricing goals and objectives been determined and confirmed by management?

2. Has a product manager been designated to manage the product into the marketplace? Has the product manager been part of concept definition and full development so that there is complete understanding of the history of the new product?

3. What kind of sales force is available for the product, and how will the sales force be trained and deployed? Does the sales force have experience or are they "winging it?"

4. Has product value and superiority been confirmed, including product features and functionality that differentiate the company in the marketplace?

5. Has the competition been assessed, and has the process avoided "showing your hand" too early in marketing and distribution?

6. Has the customer been involved in the product design and development, either directly or through focus groups and surveys that tested concepts on real users?

7. Have product support and maintenance issues been resolved?

8. Have contingency plans been developed to assure that risks can be offset?

9. Is the right team in the field to accomplish effective marketing, e.g., experienced sales and marketing people who know the customers and know the product value?

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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