Interface management

The following are the attributes of interface management.

■ Matrix organization. Interfaces between functional departments, e.g., accounting, engineering, project management, and testing, are ensured through strong interface management. Separate departments and functions are brought together constantly through information and reporting systems and face-to-face review meetings at key gates.

■ Program review meeting formats. Review meetings are controlled by generic meeting agendas, and data and information support from a professional project management office or staff. This way review information is objective and consistent.

■ Procurement interface. Because of the importance of contract and outsourced work, contractor personnel and processes are integrated with sponsor company personnel and processes. Common scheduling and reporting systems are designed.

■ Financial, accounting, and internal control interfaces. New impetus for strong accounting and accountability reporting now requires that project managers capture costs and be able to relate costs to work performed and equipment purchased and in inventory.

■ Marketing and sales interface. Integration of marketing, sales, and project work is accomplished by assigning marketing and sales personnel to project teams. They attend and input to the teams on customer developments, and learn what they can and cannot commit to customers.

■ HR interface. The interface with HR is important to integrate personnel and HR policies and procedures with project work and priorities. Performance reviews are left flexible, yet they are important in assigning resources to future projects.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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