Integration gateway Systems safety and reliability

This is the technical design stage, the process of linking the requirements document with the design of the system and product prototype. System safety and reliability sets the design boundaries for making sure the ITS system is safe, e.g., that it performs to minimum "mean time between failure" standards, and that it is reliable, e.g., that it performs to minimum "mean time between maintenance standards."

Integration at the systems level changes the context of integration to the system and product being produced by the project. But again, technical integration does not occur without organizational integration. A quality electronic product requires that mechanical, software, and electronic engineers consult with each other in defining, designing, and building system components that must perform in the system being produced.

Outputs of this stage also include system architecture, test requirements, system design review criteria for gateway reviews, system requirements specifications, test architecture, and functional hazard assessment requirements. The gateway go or no-go decision is based on a direct tracing of design to functional requirements.

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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