Integration gateway Organizational development

If the organization cannot handle the challenges and risks associated with a given business purpose and direction, this stage ensures that work does not proceed until it can. The stage addresses the core competency of the company or agency to design, develop, and produce in a given program area, in this case transportation systems development. In effect this is an audit of company capacity, and this stage involves taking stock of company capacity in terms of people, support system infrastructure, information technology, facilities, business processes, and, perhaps most importantly, energy and commitment.

This stage is, in effect, an assessment of the company's integrative capacity, its proven competence in pulling together its people, systems, and processes to overcome risks and create opportunities in a given program area. If the gateway review uncovers weaknesses in this capacity, e.g., a proven tendency to deliver project deliverables late and over budget, the business undertakes improvement projects to increase its capacity to produce on time and within budget before entering the next stage.

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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