will be developed capturing all the results of local and regional studies to allow for market-wide assessment.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

QFD is applied in the concept design phase to link customer requirements with product specifications, e.g., design and specification. It is a translation of what the customer wants to how the new product is going to meet that want. QFD is useful both as an agenda and a framework for discussion as well as a methodology. QFD suggests a way of thinking, an approach to asking questions of the customer and brokering answers to those questions to figure out how the customer's needs are going to be reflected in internal processes, product design, and production capabilities. QFD is a process, not simply a quantitative template for analysis, which assures that the project team is in dialogue with the customer and can assure that it can employ the appropriate systems and processes to produce what the customer wants. The QFD exercise should create standards or criteria for evaluating later the extent to which a product will be acceptable to the customer, e.g., that it conforms.

TABLE 4-7 QFD Template (Sample)

What the customer

How the product will meet

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