triggered in time for production to proceed on schedule and guided by the final bill of material. Quality assurance will be addressed through a description of each production process step, including assembly, testing, and integration standards, as well as product inspection.

The quality control review is necessary at this point to ensure that defects and quality problems in manufacturing are avoided now, in development. Table 5-11 shows a quality control template.

Produce test units

Again, the actual production of the test units involves updating the preliminary production process for test units to a final production plan and then implementing the plan and monitoring the production line as the units are produced. Final test units produced are tested under laboratory conditions to ensure that they exactly duplicate the final design requirements, and that the configuration is consistent with the final bill of material.

Finalize the production plan. The production plan is made final for the production line and signed off by the production control manager and manufacturing engineer. Inventory is checked and personnel proficiency in assembly and tooling control is assured by the production control manager.

Conduct production and built process. This includes product schedule, process definition, assembly operations, personnel, and inventory. Table 5-12 shows a sample conduct production template.

Develop field test protocol

This task involves the development of a procedure for testing the product in the field. The "protocol" is a series of tests and data collection in a user or customer setting. Both technical performance data and customer views will be collected. The plan will address success criteria, logistics issues, service and support requirements, training needs, marketing and brand considerations, and posttest equipment disposition plans.

TABLE 5-11 Quality Control Template



Control technique Inspection timing

Anticipated defect problems

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