Figure 3.6 Network diagram for this project.

(The Dummy arrow connecting A and B is not a task; it's a link. This arrow shows that A and B are interdependent with D. D is dependent on both A and B, not just A).

path tasks. Note also that the critical path, A, C, F, G, and H, a continuous arrow with no breaks, represents the critical path.

Analysis of early and late starts. To determine what slack you have in the project plan to move tasks that are not on the critical path, do an analysis of early and late starts, early and late finishes, and slack, as shown in Table 3-4.

Project Paths: A, C, F, G, H = 6 + 50 + 35 + 3 + 3 = 97 weeks (critical path)

Gantt chart. The final Gantt chart (MS Project) takes the task list information entries and builds a bar chart representing the whole project graphically, based on linkages and durations. This is shown in Table 3-5.

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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