Final Logistics Plan for Market Launch

This task involves updating the plan developed earlier for servicing and maintaining the product over its entire life cycle, plus support systems for each execution program. The plan will include a program for preventive maintenance and normal repair or service calls based on the projected reliability standards for the product. The plan includes a listing of anticipated service requirements based on design and development factors such as life cycles for components and supplier recommendations for servicing specialized parts and materials. A listing of required replacement parts is prepared to guide inventory management to support maintenance.

A training and development program is developed to ensure that adequate numbers of maintenance contractors are available to implement the service and maintenance plan worldwide.

Because infrastructure includes resources and support systems across the board, updating the plan takes account of changes in product design, specifications, reliability, market launch strategy, remote service technology, and other factors that impact that infrastructure. This update activity reviews the technology involved in maintenance, as well ensuring that the appropriate technology and infrastructure are available for servicing the product.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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