Eight strategies

Within the overall framework of the basic strategic goal to compete successfully in the world aluminum marketplace, and to remain consistent with the parent company's strategic objectives, eight key strategies were at the heart of this strategic plan:

1. Secure economically priced power. Eastern would find ways to lower its power costs through a variety of strategies, including building stronger partnerships with power companies and state and local governments, and through exploration of independent options for generating less expensive power. It was quite possible that if power were not procured cheaply, the company would have to generate a new product concept to produce it onsite.

2. Secure other resources at reasonable costs. As the cost of materials rises, Eastern planned to find low-cost sources for raw materials as well as explore approaches for using lower-graded materials. Eastern would take the initiative to ensure effective partnerships were built with quality suppliers.

3. Cultivate customer awareness and promote customer satisfaction. Eastern would work to educate employees about customers and their requirements, and promote closer customer ties. Greater appreciation of customers would give employees more incentive for addressing future requirements, and connecting their daily work more clearly with the "value chain" to the customer.

4. Create a safe working environment. Eastern was working to improve its safety record through enforcement of safety and health rules and regulations. Employees would be better educated and trained to understand safety implications of their work. Safety compliance would be considered a major performance standard for all employees, and employees would be expected to generate new safety products and processes.

5. Build a responsible and knowledgeable workforce. Facing a major workforce turnover in the next five years, Eastern placed special emphasis on strategies to build a more responsible and skilled workforce, improve its partnership with the United Steelworkers, improve performance and productivity, lower labor costs, and find better ways to work together through teamwork. They recognized that if this strategy—grounded in the commitment to building a team-based organization—is not accomplished, Eastern could not thrive and grow, even if the other strategies were accomplished.

6. Improve technology and plant equipment to produce products more efficiently. Eastern prided itself on its leadership in technology and technical innovation, and planned to continue this industry leadership. Eastern was managing several capital improvement projects to make major breakthroughs in productivity and quality. Eastern felt it was demonstrating that major investments were being made in the plant to meet the challenges of the future global marketplace. These projects were in fact new products and would be managed as such. This meant they would need to be designed, produced, tested with customers, and marketed to their own employees as "new ways of doing business."

7. Improve Eastern's impact on the environment. Through strict compliance with federal, state, and local environmental standards, Eastern would continue to respond to and anticipate environmental impacts and address them. Special emphasis was being made to meet new clean air requirements.

8. Reduce waste and non-value-added costs. Eastern continued to pursue quality and process improvement initiatives to eliminate unnecessary costs due to accidents, rework and scrap, outdated positions and job requirements, and equipment damage. Employees continued to be trained and educated in process improvement, and reengineering streamlined the way work was accomplished.

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