Designing programs of new product ideas

Once this process produced some sense of direction, ideas to implement these strategies were collected from leadership, management, and employees and filtered through a Product Portfolio Council using the ideation concept. Ideation is a process of generating and capturing product ideas and concepts and translating them to forms that will allow definition and evaluation. Ideation works only in companies that are characterized by a culture of innovation and creativity. Eastern faced considerable obstacles to innovation in the traditional nature of its unionized employees and the large capital investments in doing work the way they had always done it.

Now let's look at Strategies 3 and 6 and how individual projects were generated and framed in the new product portfolio. The program of projects for Strategies 3 and 6 involved technical and production process improvements, and would logically come from the technology and manufacturing departments, but not exclusively. Therefore the company asked the engineering department to head up the development of new product ideas in this program category. As is often the case, new internal products such as manufacturing process improvements must be linked with new products envisioned for marketing and sales. Working with marketing and operational people in production, they came up with the following programs and new product ideas and concepts.

After these strategies were articulated and communicated to the workforce, the company opened up the ideation process for ideas and new product concepts. As an example of what can come out of this process, two core strategies were selected to start the program and new product development:

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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