Departmental manager roles

In a customer-driven organization, department managers for functions such as systems engineering, mechanical design, electrical design, and software certification are responsible for building and maintaining the resource and technical capacity of their departments to support of the product development process. Here are some key functions of these managers.

■ The department's organizational structure and reporting relationships, roles, and performance expectations are communicated

■ Performance evaluation; all staff receive annual performance evaluations reflecting department and program manager feedback

■ Hiring, training, and career development plans; the department's technical capacity to perform is a function of its people and their ability to keep up in their fields; technical training is an integral part of the department manager's job

■ Development of a department budget, which is used to guide and schedule implementation of the department's program; the budget includes labor and equipment acquisition

■ Preparation of a staffing plan that projects future resource requirements

■ In a matrix organization, department managers assist project managers in bringing program schedules to baseline, determining resource requirements, and supporting delivery of program products

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