Create a Culture of Ideas

The Soul of Innovation and Creativity

The essential ingredients in delivering successful new products and services are the key people involved and their creative ideas. It is not process, it is people. Success comes from a vibrant and energetic organization that encourages its creative members and partners to think innovatively about what they are doing. They think about where the company is going, and what it can do in the future. They should feel free to generate and integrate new ideas, products, service concepts, and processes into the system. In the best companies, new product development is a mainstream activity driven by vision, organizational energy, top leadership, and lastly, process.

The Story of Quikmate®: Introduction of Sonoco Products Co. Plastic Grocery Sacks

Today's literature on new product development suggests an overwhelmingly rational, systematic process, controlling decisions at each phase. Rational decisions and process seem govern organizational behavior. But nothing could be farther from the truth in looking at the dynamic and unsystematic nature of how new products are really managed, introduced, and delivered. Urged by the inevitable tendency for academics to idealize and simplify this world of new products, new product development is seen filtering through a managed decision process from the bottom-up, going into a scheduled and predictable process of product development, testing, and marketing, and finally appearing at the front door of excited customers willing to stop what they are doing to use the new product and pay for it.

While process is important, what makes new product development succeed in companies like Sonoco Products Co. is strong, informed leadership at the top, and the collective dedication and discipline of professionals and support people trying and trying again and again to get it right. Notions of new features occur during the process, and some are integrated into product design; others are rejected because they don't sound right. Schedules are regularly violated and

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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