Course Objectives

A. Given information about an organization's industry, culture, performance, resources, objectives, and products, develop a new project management and new product development process and make recommendations to maximize the probability of success of new product introductions.

B. Given information on a new product development project, develop a project plan including work breakdown structure, schedule, budget, and risk management plan.

C. Given information about an organization's industry, culture, performance, resources, aims, and projects, design a new product strategy and marketing plan for the organization.

D. Given an organization's new product strategy, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different methods of need and gap analysis and concept generation.

E. Given a new product concept, make recommendations to ensure that appropriate attention is paid to customer and consumer safety and other ethical concerns during the new product development process.

F. Given a new product development and project review process, determine what information management needs at each stage and recommend appropriate evaluation tools to make the go or no-go decision based on the business case.

G. Given a new product concept, assess the options for each step in the technical development phase and recommend decisions to maximize the success of the product's introduction.

H. Given a new product, design a marketing program for the product pricing, distribution, and new product launch.

I. Given a new product launch, design the appropriate market test, evaluation, and feedback to predict and measure the product's performance in the marketplace.

Generic Weekly Schedule



Week 1

a Course Introduction and Overview

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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