Contingency actions

In every new product lessons learned exercise, solutions and advances in process management are identified. For instance, here is a list of lessons learned follow-up actions from an electronic instrumentation company: Issue #1: Document numbering system

Recommendation: Set aside time and develop a new document numbering scheme that reflects the way we want to do business

Issue #2: Big gap in documenting actual procedures and processes; problems in sequence and review of documents

Recommendation: Develop and document how we followed or created procedures for ISO audit (they will want to see how we followed our own procedures); review current processes for sequence and review of documents Issue #3: No accountability for master charting function Recommendation: Decide clear accountability for master chart function Issue #4: Don't have the right tools to accomplish new product versions, process definition, and configuration control and documentation

Recommendation: Decide what the right tools are to facilitate documentation, and acquire them, e.g., Framework software replaces Word, Agile software used to conduct configuration management and control versions, and Requisite Pro software will be used to document requirements Issue #5: Ineffective management of document and procedure revisions Recommendation: Develop a referenced master list of documents and acronyms to assure effective revision management

Issue # 6: Some staff members don't follow established procedures and processes

Recommendation: Develop staff accountability for following established procedures and documentation requirements; follow up with consequences, if necessary

Issue #7: Inefficient acquisition of needed equipment

Recommendation: Plug required test equipment early into the scheduling process; anticipate asset issues before they happen

Issue #8: We don't capture observations, problems, and corrective actions along the way—lessons learned are lost

Recommendation: Establish a way to identify and capture project issues, processes, and corrective actions along the way

Issue #9: Conflicts in doing product development in a manufacturing environment; can't build the same thing twice

Recommendation: Establish a small prototype manufacturing unit in engineering to produce prototypes without leaning on product facilities already over-taxed with volume production requirements

Issue #10: There is a widely held view—that we need to turn around—that the company is good at identifying weaknesses, but does not follow up to fix them: there is a concern that issues such as those coming out of this session will not be addressed because of the press of time and work

Recommendation: Make presentation to top management to get personal commitments from key executives on corrective action to mitigate risks on future new product projects

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