The author would like to acknowledge the following sources for this book:

■ The Universal Avionics Systems Corporation, Instrument Division, for valuable experience in supporting and managing new, integrated product development projects and processes, and writing program manuals and policy documents and conducting analyses in the program management office.

■ The Alumax Aluminum Company (now Alcoa, Inc.), where the author was a project management and organizational development consultant, for valuable experience and case material in integrated strategic and portfolio planning and SWOT analysis in a manufacturing work setting.

■ Students and faculty at DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management, Atlanta, where the author serves as a senior faculty member and curriculum manager for project management, for valuable stories, cases, and exercises in integrated project and new product risk and cost management, which serve as the basis for material in the book. Special thanks to three excellent MBA students who contributed to this book: Maria Thompson, Eliska Johnson, and Francina Price.

■ Marketing consultant Sue Harris, who has had extensive experience with Sonoco Products Co. in the marketing process introducing a new product to the world of retail business, and who freely shared her insights with the author.

■ NPLearning and Ken Westray, its energetic and innovative leader. NPLearning is a progressive new product development firm, that has pushed the envelope in this field for years.

■ The Project Management Institute, Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), 2004.

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