Why do Projects Fail

One of the best project management oracles of all time Dr. J. Davidson Frame states that projects fail mainly because of two reasons: (1) a failure of estimation and (2) a failure of implementation. The following are reasons projects fail:

Initial cost and schedule estimates are not revised when more information becomes available as the project progresses.

Plans are not used correctly or used to guide the project forward.

Project managers are not trained to acquire the necessary skill base; subsequently, the same mistakes are made repeatedly.

The theory of project management is not put into practice. This point can be seen in the attitude of many managers who view theory as a waste of time yet time is found to repair errors later. Isn't that a sure sign of the wrong approach?

The project scope changes.

The incorrect project methodology is used.

Requirements have major changes.

Communications are poor.

Testing and/or inspections are poorly done.

Figure 1.4 shows familiar issues that cause problems on projects. However, any problem can be resolved by carefully drawing a problem matrix. If we have a project that is "over schedule," we can follow this through on the matrix and see that it was caused by a "waterfall approach." The solution to this problem is selecting an iterative methodology.

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Figure 1.4: Problem resolution and fault-finding technique.

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