Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method SSADM

The SSADM is a formal "open" methodology used by the government, private sector, and educational institutions, primarily for IT development projects. This methodology does not address areas beyond analysis and design; therefore, no deployment or implementation is catered for. Launched in 1981, SSADM has been updated and is still in use today. It is an excellent way for developing projects and is not considered a de facto standard.

SSADM is used highly in the IT community and takes a top-down approach to systems development. In this way, a high-level system design is achieved by simply refining the initial system requirements. The aim is to ensure that the design is as accurate as possible and that all requirements have been addressed. SSADM has only a limited take-up by large projects for major IT initiatives. This process is rigorous at times and is bound and controlled by the SSADM structural framework. Figure 4.14 shows how a project proceeds using this methodology. SSADM forces formulation and documentation of the necessary strategy for the project. Additionally, it covers substantial areas such as feasibility study and finalization of the design.

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Figure 4.14: SSASDM methodology.

This structured methodology can bring cost savings to a project over its complete life cycle, because so much time is spent on performing a thorough design and analyses. The emphasis is providing the best upstream analysis and feasibility to reduce problems downstream.

The SSADM approach gradually transforms the client's requirements into a well-specified requirements document. The requirements are less ambiguous and are relevant to the business needs because the SSADM approach uses a set of tried and tested techniques, whereas many developments are launched without proper thought.

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