SSADM Viewpoints and Techniques

The SSADM approach requires three interdependent views of a system being developed:

Functionality/processing. This assesses the way information and data flows around the system and the processes that will be transformed by it, thereby laying out the functions for the users of the system. The technique used here to depict the processing is data flow modeling (a technique for analysis processing).

Data. The information systems of any organization act as a data store and then act on the data. The data view forms the backbone to SSADM. The technique used here to depict the processing is logical data modeling (provides the foundation of the new system).

Effects of time and events on the data held in the system. The function and data views are simply "snapshots"; the event view is truly dynamic, as it is specifically designed to model the system behavior over time. The technique used here to depict the processing is entiy behavior modeling.

The SSADM approach starts with a drawing of a top-level or top-down breakdown of the system into its lower level. It takes three interdependent views of a system that is going to be developed. SSADM is a product-driven methodology because it is largely concerned with completion of the product, along with the quality, rather than the application techniques.

An SSADM project goes from investigation to construction under the influence of the client organizational structure along with their internal policy and procedures. During this development cycle, decisions are made through the decision structure layer. Figure 4.14 illustrates this point.

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