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I have attended many seminars in which both project managers and senior executives have disclosed the best and worst features of their respective project management methodologies. One feature highlighted every time is the training of staff on the newly implemented methodology. I have often heard surprised project managers and executives finding out about the "new methodology" on the day it is rolled out.

There are also many project managers, analysts, engineers, and developers working on project teams in virtually every industry who are inadequately trained in the following areas, which should be part of the methodology training:

Obtaining user requirements.

Building quality into the project.

Configuration management.

It is prudent to notify staff well in advance of the upcoming release or implementation of the methodology. Failure to do so only adds to poor communication. You need to ensure that users understand how the components of the chosen methodology fit together, the types of projects that can be used with the methodology, and the philosophy behind it.

The project lead appointed to head the implementation of a new methodology and processes should include training as part of the entire implementation process. After the methodology is communicated and the workforce trained, companies should encourage their project/development managers to be certified on their new project and/or development methodologies. The following action items must be implemented:

Establish a comprehensive training plan and schedule.

Limit class sizes to 15 members per session.

Identify all project managers and technical leads in the company.

Include computer-based training (CBT) as an option if cost allows.

Provide a conceptual overview and understanding of the methodology.

Provide practical examples.

Discuss processes needed to support the methodology.

Print sufficient color copies of the project methodology for attendees of sessions.

Maintain the necessary electronic files in a centralized repository for easy updates and modification.

Provide annual refresher training to introduce and explain new templates.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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