Roles and Responsibilities Project Risk

The Originator

The originator of the risk is the most important person in the chain of events. The originator is someone on the project team or sometimes externally who initially identifies the risk and formally communicates the risk to the project manager. The originator is responsible for:

Identifying the risk. Logging the risk.

Submitting the risk or risk log form to the project/ development manager.

Project or Development Manager

The project manager is the central person throughout the entire risk process. He or she receives, documents, and monitors the status of all risks during a project life cycle. The project or development manager is responsible for:

Assessing risks submitted for relevance to the project at hand. Recording accurately in the risk log.

Presenting the risk to the risk steering group or sponsor for review.

Assessing the risk using SMEs to gain more detail.

Communicating the decision to implement or reject the risk.

Implementing the risk into the project.

Monitoring the report on its successful completion. Project Steering Group

The project steering group is a team that formally reviews all risks usually on super projects and confirms what the probability and impact to the project would be. A risk could have severe cost and schedule impacts, which the project or development manager may not have considered. The steering team assigns steps or action items to resolve all known risks. The steering team is formally responsible for: •

The regular review and audit of all project risks recorded in the risk log. Ensuring that the risk process has been followed to mitigate risks raised. Recommending risk action items. Bringing closure of all risk items on the project.


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