Reverse Engineering Development Methodology

Important differences with this development model are the inclusion of two conceptually new steps and the reusability of parts of some existing system. As with most models, the development life cycle starts with the requirements. If we get the requirements wrong, we will be developing the wrong product from the start. The requirements of all stakeholders must be considered.

In Figure 4.12, notice the feedback loops. If a test in design fails, design does not move back to performance analysis. A design problem should not be solved by adjusting a performance parameter. Design problems usually go back to requirements engineering, although it is sometimes permissible to check on the functionality on the way. This does not allow a function to be changed without reference to the root requirement. Similarly, if a code fails a test and is subsequently amended, there should always be a back reference to the design of that portion of code. Integration and test phase problems should not be rectified by reference to the coding phase but should go to the root at the design phase (then possibly back further). Many projects have been allowed to go horribly wrong by taking "shortcut measures" in the software and hardware developments or accidentally omitting the loop back to the correct place in the development life cycle. Being unprofessional and taking shortcuts do not work and often cause projects to ultimately take more time, not less.


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Figure 4.12: Reverse engineering methodology.

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