1. Name five objectives when selecting an enterprisewide project management methodology.

2. What is the difference between a project methodology and a development methodology?

3. If you evaluate your project with the client and he or she states that the project took too long, do you think that a standard waterfall approach was a probable cause? Discuss.

4. Name five best practices for selecting or deploying project methodologies.

5. Discuss the rationale that one methodology does not fit all projects.

6. Is PRINCE2 suitable for non-IT projects?

7. What does the term project strategy mean? Is it the same as a business strategy? Answers

L Objectives when selecting an enterprisewide project management methodology include: Overall company strategy how competitive are we as a company? Size of the project team and/or scope to be managed. Priority of the project. How critical is this project to our company? How flexible is the methodology and its components?

2. A project methodology is the entire structure used to support a project. It consists of templates and processes and is the generic standard for all projects used in a company. A development methodology is specific to the technology and is more technical in nature.

3. Today, many methodologists think the waterfall methodology is the dinosaur of all methodologies. The waterfall methodology could be a probable cause for a project's running over schedule. Possibly a RAD or iterative approach would deliver results sooner.

Draw on best industry practices and trends.

Minimize templates and administration.

5. There is not one universal methodology that will suit all projects. Depending on the type, complexity, and completion date of the project, it may be necessary to assess the type of methodology needed.

6. Yes, PRINCE2 can be used for non-IT projects.

7. Project strategy is specific and focused on the project to be executed and deployed; it is based on a specific set of objectives and project scope. Without a project strategy, it is unlikely that the project would be planned very well. A business strategy is more comprehensive from an organizational perspective, which focuses on embracing IT, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and HR and the ability to forge ahead of its competitors.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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