Eight Essential Project Artifacts One Could Use For A 30-month Project

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1. What is the importance of project templates? Discuss.

2. Name five project templates used in the concept or initiation phase of a project.

3. What is the purpose of a project brief/project definition report?

4. Discuss three ways to access templates in an organization. Assume you are a new project manager.

5. Explain whether it is necessary to use all templates for your project.

6. Explain how to select specific templates when assigned a project by your organization (e.g., business case, ROI). Would you discuss it with your project sponsor or take the initiative yourself?

7. List eight essential project artifacts or templates you would use for a 30-month project, which is awaiting approval by an executive board. The project will design and build a state-of-the-art electric vehicle, with participation from three well-known manufacturers. You are the project manager. State which type of methodology you would recommend.


L The purpose of project templates is to assist project managers or business executives in a productive manner, with already-prepared document frameworks, ready for completion with specific project deliverables.

2. Templates used in the concept phase are URS, SOW, RFP, business case, and feasibility study.

The purpose of the project brief or project definition report is to define the aim, scope, objectives, and deliverables of the project to be undertaken.

4. Project templates should be readily accessible to project managers through one of the following channels:

On the company network residing on a common directory.

On a company intranet site.

In stand-alone CD-ROM format.

5. When working on a project, it is not necessary to use every project template available. Instead, identify with the key stakeholders which templates are necessary for the type and size of project. Smaller projects require fewer templates than larger projects.

6. When deciding on project templates, it is necessary that the project manager identify which templates are needed. After compiling a list of templates needed, the list should be reviewed with the project sponsor. The sponsor provides the necessary input, which should formalize the minimum number of templates to use. By following this approach, the project sponsor is involved.

7. Although each project can be approached differently, I would employ an SDLC methodology because more coordination is needed between all the various parties (i.e., designers, technicians, inspectors, marketing managers), who may reside globally. My choice of templates for this size project is:

Project brief.

Business case.

Statement of work.

Chapter 8: Project Processes and Trends

Process Considerations

Looking beyond your company's portfolio of projects products and services that it works so hard on reflect on those core processes needed to support overall objectives. Beyond being passionate and committed in your work, there must be a fundamental focus on having the right processes in place. There will always be opportunities for you as project or development manager to tailor processes; therefore, you must understand how and when processes come into play. Someone once said, "We don't use standard business processes; we have unconventional ways of recharging our entire business, which totally support our project and development methodologies."

On any project you undertake, you may encounter situations from which you need to remove certain processes because they are not in your project scope. For example, you don't need to do financials on your project (on many projects, project managers don't touch finances). In this case, you would drop the financial process and use the rest. Or, you are using a Waterfall methodology on a project and your client insists on document management (i.e., version control, distribution). In this case, you need to add this process to the project scope. Project methodologies:

Demonstrate the ability to get the job done.

Meet certain criteria set by auditing or certification groups monitoring the company. Allow the company to prioritize resources accordingly, based on the project's progress.

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