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Before looking more closely at methodologies, we need to be aware of the key tasks that a project manager performs on any project (see Table 1.1). These are not all the objectives that you might encounter on a specific project, but the list will give you a basic feeling for what objectives are to be met.

Table 1.1: Project objectives




Obtain the user requirements

Analyst/PM, client

Interviews, URS

Define the project

PM, Client

Definition report, Business case, Feasibility study

Plan the project


PBS/WBS, Gantt

Negotiate for resources

PM, Sponsor

Resource plan

Create the project team to perform the work


Team contract, R&R

Execute the project, including changes


Implementation plan, Change requests

Control and monitor the actual versus planned


Status reports, Issue and Risk logs

Close the project and release the resources

PM, Client

Closure report

Review project and support postproject

PM, Client

Questionnaire review

Many companies don't have sufficient resources to perform multiple projects concurrently because of (1) turnover, (2) untrained staff, (3) unavailable staff, or (4) functional restrictions in their departments. It is important that project managers be aware of the resource commitments to other projects in their organization. A complete project management framework can determine these requirements upfront and well in advance of any crippling resource problems.

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