Methodology Selection Matrix

Because project size and complexity affect the type of methodology to be selected, it is crucial that project managers determine the lay of the land first. Figure 5.2 is a selection matrix, which shows the different sizes (i.e., small, medium, or large) of projects you may encounter. This matrix serves as a useful guide to the type of methodology you should deploy for your project. Selecting the wrong methodology for your project could be disastrous. You will undoubtedly need to make adjustments by either adding or deleting phases.

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Figure 5.2: Selection of a light or heavy methodology.

For example, you are assigned a project that will take 14 months to complete. This project has some integration risk and complexity. By following the vertical axis complexity, we select our best judgment guess high complexity. Next, we proceed to the horizontal time axis where we select our 14-month range. We then proceed to map the two axes together. We hit a Large B, which recommends that we follow a heavy methodology. We can trim the methodology down by omitting those parts we don't need.

The same applies to the smaller projects. Assume that your Web site content needs to be migrated from one server to another. By using our matrix, we can determine the choice of methodology for our project. First, on the vertical axis, we agree that the project is low risk (based on the project brief document). We proceed along the horizontal axis and estimate three weeks to complete the project. If we map the axis together, we find that we are in the Small A category, which gives us the choice of following a light methodology, such as Crystal, RAD, XP, and so on. A heavyweight methodology is too formal and is not needed.

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