Likes and Dislikes of Project Methodologies

Often, one person may give a project manager the best kudos and praise for adopting a certain project methodology, but too often, the kudos arise mainly from the ranks of the management layer. Methodologies are like an onion just when you peel off one layer, you discover another layer waiting for you. Some of the pros and cons seen by managers and nonmanagers working on projects are listed in Table 2.3.

Table 2.3: What managers and nonmanagers think of methodologies

Project Managers Think

Nonmanagers (Team Members) Think

Methodologies define a set of deliverables.

Methodologies do not really represent what actually happens.

Methodologies adhere to a structured approach.

Phases are often overlapping with other phases.

Methodologies bring structure to a chaotic environment.

Methodologies are a waste of time and unnecessary overhead.

This is the way companies should be run.

No one clearly knows the true value of this path.

Methodologies don't always reflect the technical requirements.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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