Lessons Learned

Introduction of any project methodology into an organization requires careful coordination and control. The following are lessons learned on projects rolled out by Fortune 1000 clients:

Using a flexible methodology in which projects are approached collaboratively and incrementally provides recognizable results at a much faster pace, compared to an inflexible methodology that forces users to comply with every document and step.

Communicate to all stakeholders the status of pilot implementation.

Share success and highlights of milestones achieved and benefits that will be gained.

You cannot gain acceptance from everybody when deploying a new project methodology; someone will identify missing pieces.

Perform an assessment of the organization's current capability, identifying what key process areas need to be improved to gain the maximum benefit; then make the appropriate changes.

When working with sales and marketing staff who sell project methodologies to clients, be sure that the project lead is involved before any commitment date is provided as many projects fail when promises are made in isolation by sales teams just to get the contract from a client.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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