The issue log is the main log in which all issues are registered and tracked through to resolution. See the accompanying CD-ROM for the issue log template.

When we speak about change control, then I have to address the whole issue of scope creep, both on the end user's side and on the developer's. The business plan (should) define the value that will result from the expenditure of money and resources. This value definition needs to be translated into specific measurable requirements that then become the functional specifications for the developers. Then the change management process can track the impact of new insights and understandings as the project matures without losing scope of what it was that was originally determined to have enough business value to warrant the project in the first place.

A change management process should control changes in any project environment affecting products or services being developed by the project team. A core change team must assess the impact of any proposed changes to gauge cost, schedule, documentation, and training, plus the change's impact on retooling implications. The change management process identifies, defines, evaluates, and approves these changes before any implementation. This configuration management process must be introduced to the project, through the implementation of five key formal processes for:

Business Brains

Business Brains

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