9. How long is a typical methodology implementation?


1. Implementing a project methodology into an organization demands a dedicated team to research and deploy a new manner in which projects will be managed.

2. The organization may be impacted by the implementation of a new project methodology in the following areas of business:




Human resources and/or recruitment.

3. Communicate a new methodology though (1) a series of methodology deployment presentations to project and functional managers, (2) hold methodology training classes, (3) hand out information flyers, or (4) have senior executives endorse the new methodology throughout the organization.

4. Acceptance criteria that need to be established for a typical project methodology implementation are:

Has the methodology addressed all areas of our business?

Does the methodology allow us visibility to monitor all project pipelines?

Have we addressed all necessary templates that would be required?

Are there quality gates built into our methodology?

If relevant, have all the software licenses of the methodology been purchased?

5. Job positions required to assist with a methodology rollout are project lead, business analyst, sponsor, and process engineer.

6. The project sponsor provides executive support, champions the methodology, and provides guidance to the project team on the implementation and necessary objective feedback.

7. The project office plays a key role with any project implementation. If it is a new implementation, the PMO will assist with the deployment of the methodology into the organization until it is fully operational and then resume with postimplementation.

8. A pilot project allows a team to assess the results of the methodology on a smaller scale instead of implementing a full-blown methodology rollout that might fail.

9. A typical methodology implementation depends on the size of the organization and the company's project maturity level; but usually a basic implementation takes between 8 and 12 weeks.

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