A process is a flow of key inputs and outputs performed by various company resources, to reach a certain goal.

The following processes are likely to be encountered on a project: o

Procurement process.

Change control process.

Issue process.

Risk process.

Financial process.

Accommodating existing organizational processes for a project is mandatory because processes affect the outcome of project deliverables. Assuming we have to order equipment on the project, it may be possible that the company has no existing procurement process in place to order and take receipt of this equipment. In this instance, you have to develop a procurement process at the start of your project. If the company has a procurement process in place, you would need to assess the lead times for equipment ordering and delivery. It is not uncommon for many projects to face a few weeks' delay in purchase order approvals. This will affect the project dramatically. Therefore, project managers need to assess each required process before project commencement.

For any process that takes too long, an assessment needs to be performed to determine lead times, and you need to facilitate the necessary changes to speed up the process by amending the existing process implementing a project waiver or deviation.

The quality assurance team in a company contains the most qualified members to accurately define, document, and maintain each process used by the company on their projects. It is best that they be centrally seen as the owners of company processes. This team will subsequently delegate business representatives to be subowners of their respective processes (e.g., the financial manager is accountable for the efficiency of the financial process used on projects).

Any change to the project should be captured in a standardized change control process. This implies that the proposed change and its impact on the project in terms of cost, technology, schedule, and so on should be recorded from the change requests into a change log.

The gate process is a review process, which guides the project team through the various project phases, ensuring the status of the project deliverables.

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