Implementation Checklist

At Microsoft Corporation, project managers and team leads meet regularly after regular business hours to discuss key software projects. These meetings include aggressive, decisive assessments of tasks and activities to be performed (either for the next day, week, or month). All attendees determine their project priorities and activities. They also formulate and communicate checklists to the necessary team leads.

The project methodology team should ensure that the following questions are answered before launching the chosen methodology:

Do we have all the project templates available in hard copy and soft copy format?

Have we identified all the processes in the organization, and are they relevant?

Have we identified the minimum set of documents needed for the project?

Are the project templates easy to use and identified for use by project phase?

Are templates available online, or are they stored on a server?

Do the templates meet the purpose of the various projects and technology used?

Have we communicated our approach and plan to all stakeholders? o

Road shows to the various departments or regions.

Brochures circulated before launch.

Information leaflets circulated to all users.

Presentations to potential users.

Involvement of users and subject matter experts.

Are there areas of the business we have not addressed?

Have we considered legal aspects, such as contract management or failure to address legal issues on projects, which could result in lawsuits?

Have we trained users on the methodology?

By department.

By selected invitation.

Do we have a technical writer in place to document any changes to the methodology?

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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