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The traditional project methodologies (i.e., SDLC approach) are considered bureaucratic or "predictive" in nature and have resulted in many unsuccessful projects. These heavy methodologies are becoming less popular. These methodologies are so laborious that the whole pace of design, development, and deployment actually slows down and nothing gets done. Project managers tend to predict every project milestone because they want to foresee every technical detail (i.e., software code or engineering detail). This leads managers to start demanding many types of specifications, plans, reports, checkpoints, and schedules. Heavy methodologies attempt to plan a large part of a project in great detail over a long span of time. This works well until things start changing, and project managers inherently try to resist change.

If the project manager does not obtain a complete list of user requirements from clients for the heavyweight project, it's very likely that the heavy methodology will not work effectively because the project will be racked with change, slippages, and rework on the project documentation. A heavyweight methodology works on the assumption that the more rules and coordination there are, the better the project result will be. A complex project requires sufficient documentation just to jog the memory of the many team members on the project. However, excess methodology is very costly and inept there are more updates to reports, plans, and schedules. Alternatively, there are times when a heavyweight methodology may be appropriate for super projects where it is necessary to gain stricter control and coordination between phases, and to improve the lines of communication between team members.

Any project with a team larger than 10 to 20 people who work in multiple locations may be a good candidate for a heavyweight methodology. Many companies are simply rushing to try to come up with the biggest and best methodology including the most templates. Many, expecting miraculous results, become disappointed after a few months of actual project work. Because technologies are becoming more complex and integrated facing many design and development problems heavyweight methodologies can sometimes be the best choice, especially when multiple teams are working at different locations and when tighter control and formalization of key parts of the project is necessary.

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