Has a Budget Been Allocated for Implementation

Successfully implementing a new methodology takes time and considerable resources. There will be costs associated with such an implementation.

For example, a consulting firm tried to implement a fullblown project methodology for a pharmaceutical client. Costs were calculated for only the manpower time for this deployment, but the schedule slipped, and unforeseen costs such as documentation, training, and information technology began driving up the original implementation budget. The project failed because of ineffective budgeting. Some of the most important costs to include in a methodology implementation are listed in Table 5.1.

Table 5.1: Considering rollout costs

Cost Type


In-house resources

Full-time employees assigned to team.


Software and hardware acquisition for (1) pilot and (2) production.


Needed to bring knowledge to organization on process and project.


Annual software licensing fees and support.


Color charts, brochures, and project methodology binders.


Hotel, meal costs during national or international rollout.

Possible purchase of templates

Templates needed for project phase from industry leaders.


Training users on the methodology.

Support fees

Includes annual support costs to maintain methodology.


Web site design or enhancements to marketing brochures.

Shipping costs

Shipping materials and resources to final destinations.

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