Functional Analysis Phase

With all the requirements (known to date) laid out in logical groupings in the requirements specification, the next task is to look at the functions involved in each group area. The purpose is to spot duplication of functionality and identify any areas of conflict and contention. For example:

Many stakeholders have had input to the list of requirements, and it is possible that several people have requested the same or similar actions. These duplications of functionality must be sorted out now to eliminate duplication of code and costs later in the development.

Because of the diversity of stakeholder interests, there will be differences of opinion in priority levels among the requirements, with every individual stakeholder claiming that his or her area is more important and a higher priority than others. It is at this stage that the project manager and project development team have to agree on the overall picture for smooth future development.

Not everyone agrees on technical items. The question of who has access and who has write rights can lead to conflict. The project manager and team need to get agreement from the stakeholders. The problems will only get worse if ignored now. Arrange for a conflict resolution meeting where the relevant stakeholders can meet and resolve the issues.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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