Experiences with CMM

Some organizations have seen tremendous benefits using a CMM approach. Motorola Transmission Products, transitioning from a Level 1 to a Level 2 organization, had the following experience:

They went from having great difficulty predicting ship dates to predicting schedules within 15 percent of baseline.

They formerly could not measure quality before the product hit the field and had to fix products after delivery to customers, but the CMM approach helped them control quality and limit field problems to less than two per month.

Raytheon Equipment Division transitioned from a Level 1 to a Level 3 organization, and they found that the following was achieved:

A $7.70 return on every dollar invested in process improvement.

A $4.48 million savings over six projects in one year.

A 140 percent increase in productivity.

According to Bill Pollak (2001), public relations manager for the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, where the Capability Maturity Model was developed, there are two general kinds of metrics for software development metrics that focus on management, such as CMM, and metrics that focus on technical practices and performance such as lines of code written and function point analysis (a tool for measuring changes in functionality from software development projects). These metric standards do not compete and the performance metrics are part of a later stage of the CMM model. Watts Humphrey (1989), creator of the Capability Maturity Model, claims that Microsoft could have saved $4 billion in development costs with proper quality processes and better testing procedures.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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