Dynamic Systems Development Methodology DSDM

The DSDM, developed in the United Kingdom, is based on Rapid Application Development (RAD) that uses prototyping reiteration to deliver projects. This model has several aspects that differ from most common models. The difference is that time and resources are fixed and functionality of the deliverable is variable. In other models, the functionality (or product) is fixed, and resources and time are, to a certain extent, flexible.

Businesses today focus on finding the right solutions quickly. DSDM provides a project framework to make this objective achievable. DSDM's goal is speed but not at the expense of quality. DSDM is independent, ensuring that it is adaptable to meet the needs of any organization. The simplicity, practicality, and flexibility of the approach are suitable for vendors, SMEs, consultants, and so on, making DSDM relevant across a variety of industries.

During the functional model iteration, first-pass descriptions of the new or changed processes are produced for refinement. A pilot project is developed during the design and build iteration. Throughout the development, feedback is used to evaluate and refine the processes so that they can be rolled out to the wider development population with confidence that they will achieve the benefits expected of them.

Implementation of processes involves significant communication and training of the project staff. Because communication is important throughout the development of improved processes and their final delivery, a communication strategy is added to the usual DSDM product set.

The structure of process improvement teams is described based on the DSDM roles and responsibilities. As always, the visionary role is an important one in keeping the focus of the work aligned to the needs of the organization.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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