Disadvantages of PRINCE

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It is a method and not a cure for any project. People who use PRINCE2 should continue to think.

Some people apply and interpret the methodology in a rigid way and do not tailor it to the project at hand. Huge bureaucracies might be constructed if all checklists are used in a paper format and not adapted to


System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology

Many projects follow the classic waterfall approach, and it is fairly straightforward to conceptualize. No rocket science is needed here. You simply have to focus on the logical progression of what needs to happen on the project. The SDLC is in essence a waterfall methodology. Successful companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Adventis, American Express, and Nokia use and adhere to an SDLC approach. Table 3.2 describes the basic methodology phases available for a project.

Table 3.2: Simple approach


Phase Description

Critical Plans


Researches and refines organizational objectives for the project.



Provides the design and solution to the organization.

Blueprint design


Constructs the product against the design blueprint.

Project plan


Implements the tested solution into the organization.



Ensures that solution is rolled out smoothly and irons out issues.


The project manager should pursue the options and choices of which project methodology to use, depending on the engagement. Tables 3.3 and 3.4 reflect similar methodologies available to project managers when working with a client and deciding which approach to adopt.

Table 3.3: Complex approach


Phase Description

Critical Plans


Identifies the project team and lists assumptions.

Project schedule

Data collection

Collects data for the intended solution.

Analysis forms

Develop model

Develops a conceptual model of the solution.


Verification and validation

Confirms that solution performs as required and compared to all measurable results.

Validation plan


Ensures that the solution meets predefined success criteria.

Optimization plan


Delivers the solution to the client.

Deployment plan

Table 3.4: Generic approach


Phase Description

Critical Plans

Needs analysis

Determine exact client requirements.

URS, Business case

Project concept

Establish business objectives and deliverables from the client.

Project definition

Project design

Start designing the solution for the client.



Provide training to users in the client organization.

Training plan

Project delivery

Implement the project per the identified project schedule.

Deployment plan

Project support

Address all support-related aspects of the project.

Support plan

For numerous SDLC-type projects today, the trend and style of these methodologies frequently involve completing one phase after the next. Many are monolithic in nature; they are time consuming and some methodologists are calling these formal giants the dinosaurs of project methodologies. SDLC methodologies at least provide a framework for completing projects, but it's not that these methodologies follow the often-quoted maxim "Ye shall release early and release often"; rather, they rely on "Ye shall wait till each phase is complete before releasing resources for the next." In today's complex digital world, where faster is better, project managers struggle to complete projects where complex, unknown technologies are being used. Clients do want to see results much earlier than before. They insist that you follow a project approach, but they want to see results much more quickly and want deliverables to be delivered sooner. My advice is to go through the various approaches mentioned here and select one that is best suited for your needs, and tailor it accordingly. In addition, refer to Chapter 4 of this book to start a journey into methodologies (see Figure 3.6).

Figure 3.6: Complex life-cycle methodology.

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