Defining a Project

Although this book focuses primarily on various project management frameworks and development methodologies, we first clarify what a project is a temporary effort of work, a one-time event that meets the following criteria:

Has a start and an end date.

Has schedule, cost, and quality constraints.

Is a unique endeavor and contains risk.

The creation of a new political party.

Project managers should realize that any repetitive continuous process is not a project. They should be focusing on a one-time event. Traditionally, a business unit decides that an organization should develop a product and turns it over to the relevant project group to establish a plan and manage the project. Additionally, the project manager must ensure that the project actually fits into the project plan that was built. Executives or clients then routinely scrutinize this plan to check for variances and request the necessary corrections or deviations. Project management thus has an important role to play. Project changes and new requirements will always be present because of legislative, regulatory, technological, or new strategic initiatives. We see why in the next section.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

What you need to know about… Project Management Made Easy! Project management consists of more than just a large building project and can encompass small projects as well. No matter what the size of your project, you need to have some sort of project management. How you manage your project has everything to do with its outcome.

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