Crystal Methodologies

The Crystal methodology is a family of methodologies, which are all lightweight in nature and are segmented, as the name implies, into various color bands a crystal would emit (i.e., crystal clear, yellow, orange, maroon, blue, and violet). All Crystal methodologies are founded on a common value, "very strong on communication, they are human-centric, light on work products and are self-adapting" (Cockburn 2000). Methodology elements can be reduced to the extent that running software is delivered more frequently and interpersonal communication channels are richer. The human-centric approach really focuses on enhancing the work of the people involved on the project. Each member of the Crystal family or methodology addresses different project needs. The focuses of Crystal methodology are to (1) capture those components that make projects successful and (2) provide the project team with sufficient leverage and freedom to perform its work in a fun and creative manner. Additionally, smaller project teams develop better results because the communication is improved largely through close personal interaction and feedback between users, and the team is encouraged. Crystal does not encourage vast amounts of project documentation. Crystal captures the lessons learned from previous development projects, including the latest briefings on human thinking and communication, which is then reapplied to the development environment. The founder of the Crystal methodologies, Cockburn, states:

... Software development is a cooperative game, in which the participants help each other in reaching the end of the game the delivery of software (p. 1)

When the project team starts developing the software, the team members immediately embark on describing their own development vocabulary in a manner that each project member understands. Two main principles of Crystal are:

Put people in the same location for improved development and creativity.

Encourage face-to-face communications.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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