Creating Hybrid Methodologies

There are circumstances in which it may be necessary or appropriate to combine two methodologies to create one perfect tailored methodology. Sometimes, it is more feasible to dynamically build a methodology from other methodologies. You may find yourself starting out using a waterfall methodology, then during the life cycle of the project (i.e., development), you realize that using a RAD methodology may be more appropriate. Remember that each methodology offers its own set of strengths and weaknesses from a methodologist's perspective. In the Air Force, to keep mission-critical aircraft serviceable, the "one-from-two" principle is sometimes employed two unserviceable aircraft are stripped down and critical parts are used to build one fully functional aircraft tailored for a specific use. This is the concept of the hybrid approach.

For any project manager, this option should remain open, but with sudden change comes risk. Points of safe cutover from one approach to the other must be clearly defined, and the project manager should assess the impacts on schedule, cost, and resources. There are issues with the user involvement in the different streams of development, project management issues including possibly different approaches to change requests in the two approaches, and organization management issues. This is permitted, provided the project management framework in the company can support various development methodologies (see Figure 3.7).




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Figure 3.7: Selection process for project and development methodologies.

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