Change Roles

In this process, the roles and responsibilities for all resources (both within and external to the project) involved with the initiation, review, and implementation of changes in the project are defined. For example:

The change requestor initially recognizes a need for change to the project and formally communicates this requirement to the change manager. The change requestor is formally responsible for:

The early identification of a need to make a change to the project.

The formal documentation of that need, through the completion of a change request form.

The submission of the change request form to the change manager for review.

The change manager receives, logs, monitors, and controls the progress of all changes in a project. The change manager is formally responsible for:

Receiving all change requests and logging those requests into the change register.

Categorizing and prioritizing all change requests.

Reviewing all change requests to determine if additional information is required to present the submission to the change review group.

Determining whether a formal change feasibility study is required to complete a change request submission.

Initiating the change feasibility study, through assignment of the change feasibility group.

Monitoring the progress of all change requests to ensure process timeliness.

Escalating all change request issues and risks to the change approval group.

Reporting and communicating all decisions made by the change approval group.

The change feasibility group completes formal feasibility studies for change requests issued by the change manager. The change feasibility group is formally responsible for:

Performing research to determine the likely options for change, costs, benefits, and impacts of change.

Documenting all findings in a change feasibility study report.

Performing a quality review of the report and approving the report for submission.

Forwarding the report to the change manager for change approval group submission.

The change approval group determines the authorization of all change requests forwarded by the change manager. The change approval group is formally responsible for:

The review of all change requests forwarded by the change manager.

The consideration of all supporting change documentation.

Approving/rejecting each change request based on its relevant merits.

Resolving change conflict (where two or more changes overlap).

Resolving change issues.

Determining the change implementation timetable (for approved changes).

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