Briefings Presentations

Regular stakeholder presentations are a key part of methodology implementation. The project lead should prepare the following presentations for the client organization:

Kick-off presentation. After the go-ahead has been given for the methodology to proceed, it is necessary to present the (1) aim, (2) scope, (3) team, and (4) deliverables to the client. This presentation communicates the start of the project and gains support from stakeholders.

Informative progress presentations. These presentations are provided to the client at frequent, regular periods (e.g., weekly) to communicate project progress and determine the next steps.

Prelaunch presentation. Before starting the actual launch of the methodology, this presentation involves the staff that will be directly connected with the rollout. Participants may include (1) functional department heads, (2) regional executives, and (3) users. This presentation forms the basis for execution of the rollout. Failure to inform stakeholders would result in miscommunication and possible delays.

Postlaunch presentation. After the methodology has been rolled out to the specific client sites, it becomes necessary to again communicate with the stakeholders to notify them of the success of the rollout. This is the last presentation the project deployment team hosts.

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