Benefits of an Offshore Methodology

The added benefits of an offshore methodology are great for organizations that cannot afford to maintain or develop their own solutions or systems at home. In such cases, some of the benefits are:

Productivity improvements.

Substantial cost savings.

Flexible resource base.

Large resource base of highly qualified staff.

Faster ramp-up of resources.

Faster delivery.

Extension of the service day (up to 13 hours). Offshore, yet on-site, advantage.

Control and consistency.

Table 4.7 lists the prerequisites for offshore support. Table 4.7: Prerequisites for using offshore methodology




The technical infrastructure is in place.


Access to the systems has been resolved.



The project team is able to transfer knowledge.


Processes and procedures are clearly defined.


Legal and pricing issues are resolved.


Project management is in place.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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