Assessing the Project Methodology Ecosystem

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In the context of this book, a project management methodology is considered part of an overall larger ecosystem. The ecosystem can be viewed as a "give and take." Whenever you "touch" the ecosystem, there are things that are bound to occur. Table 2.1 lists what the ecosystem consists of.

Table 2.1: Project management ecosystem components



Project standards and best practices


Supportive processes

Change control

Project management infrastructure



Project brief

Performance metrics


Project activities


Project techniques

WBS, Use cases

Project tools

MS project

Project roles and responsibilities

Project teams

Core project methodology framework

PMLC process

Development methodologies toolset

Prince2, XP, Spiral

Figure 2.2 shows the makeup of the project management methodology ecosystem. Remember that any sudden change to the core methodology will result in a change to many other areas, such as templates and a ripple effect on supportive processes. Project managers wanting to deploy any methodology in an organization should realize this natural effect.

Figure 2.2: Project methodology ecosystem.

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