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Time management consists of five processes: activity definition, activity sequencing, activity duration estimating, schedule development, and schedule control. The survey data from these five processes is shown in Figure 7.13.

The gap between the PD values and the PP values for the first four processes indicates that the teams are not using the documentation to its fullest. The activity definition process shows the largest PD to PP gap. Because the other processes are dependent on activity definition, there will be problems if activity definition is not done correctly. Correct and complete activity definition is what generates an accurate WBS. All time and cost estimates and scheduling is dependent upon a correct WBS. Without that the project is certain to fail.

The one spurious observation of a PP maturity value at 4.00 was investigated. An industry best practice was uncovered that Laurie felt should be incorporated into the activity definition documentation. The manager of that project was a recent hire and brought a practical "how to" process that he had followed to construct the WBS, which all but assured the team that the WBS would be complete. He offered to document the process and make it available to the PMO for incorporation and general distribution to other project managers. The same project manager offered his approach to activity sequencing that involved use of a whiteboard, sticky notes, and marking pens rather than a software tool.

---PD baseline

Figure 7.13 Time management processes PD and PP maturity level data.

---PD baseline

Figure 7.13 Time management processes PD and PP maturity level data.

He also agreed to document that process and contribute it to the PMO for general distribution and incorporation in the activity sequencing process documentation.

There could be several explanations for that behavior and so Laurie requested that a root cause analysis be conducted in an effort to get to the bottom of the problem. Figure 7.14 is the result.

The analysis shed a little more light on the problems associated with the gap between the PD and PP maturity values for the time management knowledge area.

The root cause analysis confirmed the task force's decision to proceed with one initiative. A small working group was appointed to review the activity definition process and recommend additions and clarifications.

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