Results of the Improvement Programs

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After 3 years and an aggressive sequence of improvement initiatives, the PD and PP values for the four knowledge areas were as shown in Figure 7.17. To assist

---PD baseline

Figure 7.17 Do not overburden project managers and teams with too many process changes at one time.

in the comparison between the before and the after, Figure 7.IB appears as a repeat of Figure 7.3.

The first thing to note is that the PD values for time management, cost management, and HR management have been significantly improved. They are not yet at the targeted maturity levels of 3.0, but they are nearly there. The PP values have kept pace with the PD increases. Note that all process PP averages closely match the PD values except for HR management. This suggests that the implementation and integration of change has been fairly consistent with the PD changes. Senior management was satisfied with these improvements enough to commission a second improvement program under Laurie's leadership and with the support of the same task force. This time the focus would be on two separate programs. The first would be on further improvements in the PP values

---PD baseline

Figure 7.18 PD and PP maturity levels 3 years ago.





for scope management, time management, and cost management. The second would be on the PD and PP values for HR management.

The original goal of the improvement program was to reduce project failures from 60% to 30% in the 3-year period. The actual failure rate moved from 60% 3 years ago to its present level of 42%. Senior management was pleased with that improvement. Although it did not meet their expectations, they were encouraged by the improvement and felt that the second improvement program would result in a 30% or better project failure rate.

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