Overburdening Assertion

To test the teams' assertions that they are overburdened by the scope change control process, Laurie reviewed the last 50 situations where there was a change request that required some added attention by the project team. The data is shown in Figure 7.9.

The task force was concerned about the results of the Pareto analysis and decided that the first course of action would be a detailed study of the entire scope change control process. They hoped that that would expose some weaknesses in the current process and suggest ways to remedy all four of the identified causes.





Cause #2

Cause #3 Causes

Cause #4

Problem: The project team is overburdened by the scope change control process

Cause #1: Client did not complete change request form correctly and project team must interview them to correct errors.

Cause #2: Client refused to complete the change request form and project team must interview them to get needed information.

Cause #3: There was confusion as to the correct signing authority, resulting in needless transmittal and return of request form.

Cause #4: Change request form did not meet all client needs, resulting in confusion and errors by all parties.

Figure 7.9 Pareto analysis of change requests requiring team attention.

The data shows that the most frequent reason for added attention by the project team was due to the client filing erroneous change request forms; 60% of the added work was due to that reason. A brainstorming session was held to identify possible courses of action. Three ideas surfaced:

1. A more detailed analysis of the specific errors might help in a redesign of the change request form.

2. Client training in the appropriate use of the change request form might also be part of the solution.

3. Do away with the form altogether and substitute an interview process at least for the more significant change requests.

The task force decided that the change request data would be collected during an interview session with the project manager. That would guarantee a correctly completed change request form that could now be confidently forwarded to a team member for analysis. There was no need to change the form or implement client training.

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