Multiproject Approach

Improvement programs are really projects of projects. Because many of these projects will be dependent upon one another, an improvement program can be represented as a precedence diagram. Figure 6.1 is an example. There is a difference however. Some improvement projects may not be executed. Their predecessor projects may have reached the goal for the processes they are trying to improve, and therefore, succeeding projects for that same process will not be necessary. Resources can be diverted to other improvement projects in the

Figure 6.1 A generic program project precedence diagram.

program. Similarly, the completion of one project may suggest a change in one or more later projects or the addition of one or more projects to the program.

Figure 6.1 is the complete improvement program for the chosen knowledge area. All six projects are defined in terms of expected results but are not yet planned. Their planning is contingent on the results of Project Al and A3.The first three improvement initiatives are related to Process A. They are Project Al, A2, and A3. Depending on the results from Project Al, the Process B project, Project B1, may or may not be launched, and if it is launched, its expected result may be different than originally planned, and exactly what will be done in Project B1 then defined and planned. The same is true for Process C. Depending on the results from Project A3, Project Cl and C2 may or may not be launched and may have revised expectations. While Figure 6.1 looks like a precedence diagram, it differs in that many of its projects are done on a contingency basis or not at all. For example, the results of Projects Al, A2, and A3 may be such that further improvement projects are not advised.

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